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The Bnei Akiva Foundation

In order to comprehend the incredible work that Bnei Akiva does for our community, there could be no more powerful image than the Bnei Akiva campsite in Hartenbos during the month of December. A group of 200 university students forfeit their December holidays and pay for the opportunity to be madrichim and role models, enhance the lives and educate close to one thousand Jewish school children. This spirit of volunteerism and self-sacrifice epitomises Bnei Akiva and has no doubt been the key ingredient to the success which Bnei Akiva has no doubt enjoyed in our community. Approximately half of Jewish matriculants in South Africa have experienced at least one Bnei Akiva camp.

In recent years, around 10% of Jewish matriculants travel to Israel for a one year leadership and Jewish enrichment programme run by Bnei Akiva which ensures that our community continues to be provided annually with a new group of exceptionally motivated leaders. Bnei Akiva has grown into a movement with two thousand active members, two hundred volunteer madrichim and an annual budget that increases every year. Over the last ten years this growth has been particularly rapid with the development of weekly activities and Winter Programmes in all 3 of our centres, Israel programs and countless new members.

It is against this backdrop that the Bnei Akiva Foundation was launched in June 2006, in order to ensure that no upstanding participant is turned away from one of its programmes and that sufficient corporate governance is in place to insure that our finances are managed in a transparent and effective manner. The Bnei Akiva Foundation consists of parents, donors and alumni who are a tremendous support to the movement. The Bnei Akiva Foundation meets constantly to oversee the finances and fundraising of the movement and to ensure the sustainability of the movement .
The Foundation members are all highly respected individuals in our community and their backing of our organisation is an indication of the invaluable work that we do and continue to do.