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Israel Programs


The Ultimate Israel Expereince

See the whole of Israel in just 3 weeks from the Golan to the Dead Sea, EVEN EILAT! The only way to spend your Grade 10 July Holidays, connect and bond with your friends and Madrichim on a completely different level by doing the most insane activities and tiyulim.



Creating a deep love and appreciation for Judaism and Zionism is achieved through the many experiences you will encounter throughout the programme. Get ready to experience Judaism and Zionism like you have never before.


Hadracha is a programme rich in education. You will be taught about the history of each city you visit, each site you encounter and the many heroic figures Israel has seen throughout its’ illustrious history.


From riding a camel, to hikes before sunrise, kayaking in the Jordan River, partying on a boat, making our bus rides the biggest vibe, scavenger hunting in a beautiful Israeli city and so much more.

For a person who has never been to Israel I can say without a doubt Hadracha has been an amazing first experience of Israel. From going to the Kotel, the tunnels, the Shuks, the Bedouin tents, climbing Masada. I literally couldn’t have asked for anything more. We arrived as friends and left as a family.Teegan Chernotsky, Hadracha 2015.


Our 2 Month Programme that runs from October to December is a unique opportunity for Grade 10’s. Get the Intensive Learning experience while learning in an Israeli Yeshiva infused with touring and experiencing the true beauty of Israel. Breathe, eat, sleep and live like like an Israeli. Tour the country from top to bottom while learning Torat Eretz Yisrael. A truly incredible Bnei Expereicne.



Spend 2 months immersed in dynamic shiurim delving into the glory of Torah.


Allow yourself to embrace true Israeli culture by living and breathing like an Israeli.


Adventures from the Hermon to Eilat, Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea. Every grain of sand is covered on Kfar.

Kfar really is the ultimate Israel experience, it was the catalyst in my growth and my love for the Land of Israel!Liron Feigenbaum, Kfar 2014.


MTA (Midreshet Torah vAvodah) is a year programme where you get the opportunity to learn in world class Torah institutions, explore Israel in the breaks between semesters, live in Israel and be a part of Israeli culture.In addition, the programme consists of leadership skills development, volunteering, Zionism and Hadracha (leadership) seminars, experiencing the army and even a trip to Poland. You can also find out more information on the World Bnei Akiva Hachshara website- www.hachshara.org



Spend a year immersed in Torah in Israel’s top Torah Learning Institutions


Experience Israel by traveling the length and breadth of the country. Life changing Journey to Poland.


Volunteer and make a difference to Israeli society

Without a doubt the most life changing year of my life!David Milstein, MTA 2015.


Limmud is a year programme that combines Torah learning and experiencing Israel. Get the opportunity to live and work on a kibbutz, work for the national ambulance service, Magen David Adom, develop your Torah knowledge and leadership skills, volunteer, partake in Zionism and Hadracha seminars, experience the army and even a trip to Poland.



On Limmud you’ll spend significant time at Yeshiva or Midrasha, Machon LeManhigut (Bnei Akiva Leadership Training) and Mechina (Ulpan and Israeli Society)


Experience Israel through spending time on Kibbutz, Marva and Magen David Adom as well as touring the entire country.


Volunteer and make a difference to Israeli society through the many organisations we partner with in Israel.

Without a doubt the best experience of my life and Israel programme available in the world. You have to go!Tali Carno, Limmud 2014.


When choosing what to do on your year after Matric we believe that Bnei Akiva has the perfect offering for you. Whether you choose to go on MTA and develop and enhance your Torah learning while experiencing living in Israeli society or on Limmud where you experience the Land of Israel and contributing to Israeli society. Bnei Akiva sees the year after school not as a “gap year” or “year off”, but rather as “a year on”, a year which will equip you for your future as an active member of the Jewish people.

To find out more please email israelprogrammes@bnei.co.za.

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