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Machaneh - Summer Camp


Dear Chanichim and Chaverim,

The best thing about the year flying by so fast is that Bnei Akiva Machaneh is around the corner!  The feeling is in the air and everyone is talking about it. We are world renowned for our incredible Machaneh and this year we are truly taking it to the next level!

There is no better way to spend a summer holiday than at Bnei Akiva Machaneh. We bring hundreds of people to an environment that is safe, enriching and most of all… FUN. The beach, tiyulim, chugim, amazing tochniot and non stop action are all happening at Machaneh Nitzavim Hayom. This year we have a whole bunch of surprises which is sure to make this the best Machaneh ever!

This year’s camp theme is centered around the idea of standing up, taking charge and combating a mindset of apathy. As Jews, we believe that every individual has a purpose and a reason for being here. However, we often don’t actualize our potential and the only real thing holding us back, is ourselves. Guided by our love for Judaism, Zionism and Jewish unity, on Machaneh Nitzavim Hayom we are 100% committed to shaping, nurturing and growing this drive in each of our Channichim and giving them the best time possible!

The dates for Machaneh Nitzavim Hayom are from 6th – 25th December 2017.

I know for a fact that anyone who isn’t there this year is going to miss out on the experience of a lifetime.


Click here now to sign up and complete your online Machaneh application today.

See you soon!
B’Virkat Torah veAvodah,

Martin Skudicky
Rosh Machaneh


The MACHANEH team!
Martin Skudicky
Rosh Machaneh
Milan Levy
Rosh Logistics
Gaby Nussbaum
Rosh Treasury
Dan Chazen
Rosh Mitbach
Dean Rubin
Rosh Site
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Rosh Kfar Chabibi
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Jessica Vinokur
Rosh Yuval
What to expect from Machaneh

  • Opportunities to meet new people from all over the country and to develop life-long friendships.
  • Rest, relaxation and recreation in a fun and very social environment.Time to learn about your Judaism and Eretz Yisrael.
  • A beautiful private beach with professional lifeguards.
  • An unbelievable tiyul on the Garden Route.
  • Loads of sports – rugby, soccer, volleyball, netball, indoor basketball and all the sporting equipment you could wish for!
  • Music, entertainment and ruach that will uplift your soul!
  • A qualified full time team of doctors, medics and CSO guards on duty 24 hours a day.
  • A vibey, friendly and well-stocked tuck-shop.
  • Well balanced delicious meals and excellent menus.
  • A mind blowing, wonderful Machaneh experience that you will never forget!


How to signup?!

(Or visit www.bnei.co.za/signup)

Follow the simple steps on the signup page!

If you are having trouble, visit out HELP page or contact the Bnei Akiva office!

Ktan Tanim and Gurim Information

Dear Parents,

It is with much excitement that once again we will be offering 3 streams for Gurim on camp this year!

  • Ktan-Tanim (5 day camp for grades 3 & 4) – 6th -11th December
  • Gurim Grade 5 (2 week camp) – 6th – 16th December
  • Gurim Grade 6 (full 3 week camp) – 6th – 25th December

Over the past few years we have tried different lengths for our younger channichim. This is a system we feel is perfect for our younger chanichim. Bnei Akiva Machaneh offers the most amazing environment you can imagine and this way we allow our channichim to get bigger tastes of camp as they grow up until they eventually get the full Bnei Akiva experience in Grade 6 in their final Gurim year.

Our camp is run by a wonderful team of highly trained Bnei Akiva leaders. We have 6 full time doctors, social workers, Shlichim, Rabbi’s and a full time nurse. We also have a full time CSO (Jewish Security) team and professional lifesavers at the beach. We use the best buses, and cater nutritious and delicious meals.

Over and above this we have over 150 of the most passionate and caring madrichim who dedicate themselves all year round to the nurturing and development of young Jews according to the ideals of Bnei Akiva.
What more can you ask for?

Please feel free to contact the Rosh Ktan-Tanim for Camp, on KtanTanim@bnei.co.za or Rosh Gurim for Camp on Gurim@bnei.co.za for any further details.

Pricing Guide

Camp Pricing

Chanichim Basic Fee (Transport is NOT included)

Early Bird #1 (Until 3 September): R5500
Early Bird #2 (Until 24 September): R5750
Regular Fee (Until 15 November): R6050
Late Fee (From 15 November): R6550

 4-month debit order is based on the FULL basic camp fee. No early bird discount/ reduction will apply.

Chanichim Additional Fees

Membership Fee: R980
Security Fee: R400
Camp Jersey: FREE
Camp T-Shirt: FREE
A-Guard (If Applicable): R2110


Fee Reductions

Ktan Tanim (5 Day Camp) Reduction: -R5000
Gurim Grade 5 (10 Day Camp) Reduction: -R1300
Family Reduction (2nd Camper +): -R475

Madrichim Fee

This cost includes transport to/from camp, luggage, on-camp transport and subsidised food price

Early Bird #1 (Until 3 September): R5550
Early Bird #2 (Until 24 September): R5750
Regular Fee (Until 15 November): R6250
Late Fee (From 15 November): R6350

 4-month debit order is based on the FULL basic camp fee. No early bird discount/ reduction will apply.


Optional Fees for Everyone

A-Guard Fee (Compulsory for A-Guard Attendees): R2110
Machaneh Hat: R85
Tuckshop: R450 (Recommended)
Chultzah: R250 (Compulsory for Grade 8+)

Transport Pricing

Depart from
Johannesburg (R2150)
Cape Town (R1100)
Durban (R2150)
Dropped at the campsite (R990)
Special Transport (R990)

Return To
Johannesburg (R2150)
Cape Town (R1100)
Durban (R2150)
Plett (R1050)
Fetched from the campsite (R990)
Special Transport (R990)

Please note that a person who is leaving after 5 days or 10 days will only be able to return to Johannesburg, Cape Town or get fetched from the campsite.

A person who is getting dropped or fetched from the campsite as well as arranging their own transport (Special Transport: Arriving late/ departing early) is required to pay the Special Transport Fee of R990. This fee is for transport on camp (tiyulim, chessed, outings) as well as luggage transportation.