Bnei Akiva South Africa is a nationwide organization based in 3 of the nations metropolitan.


On a weekly basis we have davening, shiurim, school visits and hanallah activities.

Daily mincha-maariv has been combined with Mizrachi and happens every day at the Mizrachi shul on the YC campus with learning in between.

This year we have started our weekly ‘Snif’ meetings for Roim, Moledet and Avichai (grades 7-9) that takes place every Tuesday night at the Bayit from 7PM-7:45.

Every Thursday night there is a catered Supper for all madrichim at the bayit where our Rav Shaliach gives over a shiur.

Every shabbos morning there is Shacharit and Mussaf at the Bnei shul on the Yeshiva College campus followed by a brocha at the Glenhazel Bnei Bayit. Shacharit starts at 8.45am. If anyone would like to sponsor the brocha in honor of their birthday or a special occasion please contact Rosh Glenhazel by emailing Glenhazel@bnei.co.za

Every shabbat afternoon we have Gurim meetings (grades 3-6) on the Yeshiva College campus.

Every Sunday we have our own shachrit minyan at the Bayit at 8am followed by breakfast. Mincha-Maariv also happens at the Bnei Bayit with a shiur or chevrutot in between. Mincha starts at 5.45pm, Learning at approximately 6pm and Maariv at approximately 6.45pm

For more info about Bnei Joburg please email Rosh Joburg: JHBChair@bnei.co.za or the Johannebsurg Office: office@bnei.co.za.

Cape Town

We have a dedicated team of passionate Madrichim, including our two incredible Israeli Shlichot.

For information on our local leadership, take a look at the team page.

We have Channichim all over the city – from Sea Point to Highlands, to the northern suburbs and the southern suburbs. Our Bayit in Sea Point is the home of the Shlichot and a regular meeting place for Madrichim and Channichim alike. We have close bonds with various Shuls around Cape Town, and Morasha especially has been the “home” of Bnei Akiva CT for numerous years.

We coordinate all different activities for all of our age groups, including weekly Shabbat Snif meetings in Sea Point for Grades 3-6, Shabbat meals, Shabbatonim and other activities across all age groups, and learning and other activities for our Madrichim.

To find out how you can get involved with Bnei Akiva CT, contact any Madrich or e-mail the Cape Town Office: CapeTown@bnei.co.za or Rosh Cape Town: CTChair@bnei.co.za.

P.S: Remember to check out and Like our Facebook page using the button below so you can stay up to date with our activities

Small Communities

Bnei Akiva South Africa prides itself in reaching young Jews near and far, so that we can broaden their understanding of their Jewish Identity, Israel and Zionism as well as give them a national and wider global community to be a part of as the Youth.

This is why Bnei Akiva sends Madrichim to Durban, Port Elizebeth and East London. These smaller Jewish communities deserve to feel the warmth, vibrancy and energy of Bnei Akiva.

Please contact our national office on info@bnei.co.za  or 011 485 1695 for more information about small communitites.

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