Nishmat Adam

How do you honour a fallen hero?

How do you carry a legacy that a human has left behind on an entire community and its future? 

By building a centre of life and soulfulness – in the very place where his soul has left the biggest impact.

Bnei Akiva has embarked on a campaign to honour the legacy of Adam Rabinovitch z”l.

This will be by way of upgrading the current amphitheatre on the Machaneh site.

Adam was a part of Bnei Akiva from the age of 12 when he attended his first machaneh. He was an integral part of the movement, attending 10 machanot, numerous shabbatonim, mini machs and winter camps. He went on to become a madrich in order to give back all what he had been given. Adam’s laugh, passion and soul not only filled the amphitheatre, but echoed throughout the campsite, the community and every life that he touched. 

“Ner Hashem Nishmat Adam”- the Torah tells us that a person’s soul is the candle of G-d. Read differently, it could quite literally mean that Adam was G-ds candle. to all who knew him, Adam’s flame brought light. his soul lit the path for his channichim, friends, family and all who knew him.

The Bnei Akiva Machaneh Amphitheatre is not just another place or building.

It is where young Jewish souls have grown into giants, where the meetings of minds have change hearts forever, where gatherings and love create bonds unshakeable for years to come. It is where Machaneh begins and ends with Mifkad, where people are inspired by shiurim, laugh during shtick and sing during Ruach. It is the flame that epitomizes the magic of Bnei Akiva in its essence. A flame so lived and embodied by Adam Rabinovitch z’l.

There is no better way to honour our hero.

Be a part of building a place that will impact on every soul at this Machaneh –

and for decades to come.

Be a part of building Adam’s legacy.

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